Please note that the Request More Info page is only available to view by platform underwriting and Facilitators. Referrers can see the status of pending Merchant forms by viewing the Track Pending Merchants page in the same Portal location.

New Features

  • VAR Sheets for merchant terminals are now available for Referrer-level platform users in Admin > Settings > Business Details - VAR Sheets to download merchant specific terminal data.


  • The description for VAR Sheets page has been updated for both Facilitators and Referrers.

  • Both the Request More Info and Track Pending Merchants pages now allow respective users to filter pending merchant forms by status - Pending, New Info Received, and Approved

  • Scheduled Reports has been removed from the Portal and consolidated into the Create Reports page.

  • Minor UI and UX changes have been made to the Request More Info and Track Pending merchants pages for better user workflow and easier navigation.

  • Facilitators or Platform underwriting users of the Request More Info page can view the respective merchants' account profile pages and click the blue edit (pencil and pad) icon in the upper right corner of the page to request new information at any time.

  • Facilitators or Platform underwriting users of the Request More Info page will now receive a detailed error redirecting them to the merchant’s current pending form if they attempt to select the same merchant twice to send the same form to, helping to prevent duplicates.

  • A UI/UX improvement for Disbursement Details Report page- a hover message has been added to the Disbursement Details Report page when the cursor is over the .CSV file download button - “Due to the size of the data, the CSV will download a summary report. This may not include all of the details.” (Note: this message is for data sets larger than 5000 entries)

  • Sign-up forms now contain a (DEFAULT VALUE) in the Custom description section when enabled.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where users would be unable to visually see the document upload section while utilizing Plaid account integration.



  • Mobile devices utilizing the PayFields API now show only applicable keyboards (such as numeric only) to each valid input type

  • Users utilizing terminal integration for the platform API can now create refunds and reversals without the forTerminalTxn field data requirement

  • PendingEntries and Entries for transaction funding jobs have now been moved to an independent queue to help reduce processing time.

  • Up to three optional customer discretionary fields from transaction processing Entries jobs can be stored for reporting purposes.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where authorization codes would enable a transaction but would not record correctly on the server.

  • Issue resolved where entry origins for fee debits would be mismatched from the platform entry.

  • Issue resolved where transaction entries would be listed as two separate AUTH and CAPTURED events as opposed to a single SALE entry.

  • Issue resolved where multiple customer discretionary fields in the transaction would not translate to entry mapping correctly.

  • Issue resolved where date of birth field data would not correctly transmit to platform.