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Standard Disbursement Timeline

The Merchant’s funds are sent to their bank account at 6 PM EST on the day following their batch settlement. For example, if the Merchant has a withdrawal scheduled for Tuesday, it will include their processing income for transactions submitted up until batch close on Monday evening (9:30 PM EST).

Generally speaking, when a disbursement is sent to a Merchant’s bank account at 6 PM EST the funds become available to them the next morning, but this can vary depending on their bank. As an example, when a payout triggers at 6 PM EST on Tuesday evening, the money will hit their bank account no earlier than Wednesday morning and may take longer to process depending on the bank.

Once the payout triggers, a Disbursement Details report is generated, listing all of the transaction activity included in that payout.

Depending on the size of the report, this data may take a while to populate once requested and then processed - processing time varies and is based on how many entries are in the disbursement.

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