Merchants can respond to retrieval and (most) first chargeback disputes directly in the Payrix Portal. To successfully respond to a dispute, Merchants will enter their email contact information, add an optional note, and upload their documentation & evidence directly in the Portal.

For pre-arbitration disputes, and any first chargeback response that fails to upload in the Portal, please send your representment directly to our Support team. Please include the Case ID or Payrix Transaction ID in your message.

How to Submit a Dispute Response in the Portal

Step 1 - Locate the Dispute in the Portal

On the Dashboard menu, select Disputes under the Payments header. On the Disputes page click on the dispute that you would like to respond to. Only disputes that have the Open status can still be responded to.

You can use the tabs at the top of the page to filter disputes by status. By default, the Open tab is selected, and any disputes that appear can still be responded to.

You can also use the search bar to locate the correct dispute by searching for the Payrix Transaction ID, cardholder’s name, or use the search bar filters to pull-up the dispute via a variety of different options.

Step 2 - Decide How You Would Like to Respond

When you select the Open dispute that you would like to respond to, you will be redirected to that specific dispute’s profile page. At the top of the page, choose the icon for the response action you’d like to take:

Accept Liability

A Merchant can voluntarily concede to a dispute by accepting liability. When a Merchant clicks the Accept Liability button they will be prompted to enter the dollar amount they are conceding to the cardholder. By default, the full disputed amount will be populated, but a Merchant can also concede a partial amount and submit a representment for the remaining disputed funds.

At this point, the disputed funds (that had previously been deducted from the Merchant’s Available Balance) are credited to the cardholder, and the dispute status will update to Closed.

Representment - Respond with Compelling Evidence

If a Merchant chooses to challenge a dispute they have the option to respond with a representment and upload compelling evidence in their defense.

Learn more about how Merchants should respond to a dispute here and on our Responding to Disputes Best Practices guide.

To submit a representment, the Merchant should select the Respond icon located at the top of the dispute’s Portal profile.

Next, in the Respond popup, the Merchant will be prompted to submit their email address in the Contact field, enter optional text to send to the issuing bank in the Note field, as well as upload their compelling evidence by hitting the (plus) icon next to the Attach Document field.

Merchants can upload as many compelling evidence documents as they wish, as long as no individual document exceeds 2 MB and their total representment does not exceed 10 MB of uploaded documents.

Once the Merchant has uploaded their representment in its entirety they should select Submit Response to send it to the cardholder’s issuing bank.

Once a Merchant submits their representment they will not be able to modify or add to it in any way. Therefore, they can upload documents to their response and hit Save For Later if they would still like to add or modify documents before formally submitting their representment.