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Subscriptions FAQ

Subscription Setup

Use Case: Create a Recurring Payment (Subscription)

When a subscription is created, is the very first payment executed immediately?

Or does the first payment gets charged later as well?

What times are subscription payments charged? (time zone/time)

All subscription jobs are run daily shortly after midnight ET.

  • 00:08 - Daily subscriptions

    • Email Subject - Daily subscriptions processed

  • 00:09 - Weekly subscriptions

    • Email Subject - Weekly subscriptions processed

  • 00:10 - Monthly subscriptions

    • Email Subject - Monthly subscriptions processed

  • 00:11 - Annual subscriptions

    • Email Subject - Annual subscriptions processed

Is there a retry mechanism in case subscription payment failed?

Click here to view the webhooks resource reference for Subscription Failure

  • There is a max failure cut off, which is configurable.

    • A subscription will trigger x amount of times and if it receives a failure matching the subscriptions failure setting it will no longer attempt to run the subscription.

    • There is currently no automated retry mechanism if an individual transaction fails. 

Does the Payrix platform communication with paying customer / card holder directly?

Yes if configured to do so. An example can be:

Email Subject - Annual subscriptions processed

  • These emails will always contain an informational log line of all subscriptions processed, counts and amounts (in dollars), like:

    • 08-04-2020 01:49:51:: 1 MSG:: - Payrix\Modules\PostProcessor\Plans::processSubscriptions 1 total subscriptions processed {"successCount":0,"successTotal":0,"failureCount":1,"failureTotal":1}

How is a subscription on Payrix canceled if a subscription is canceled externally?

How does Payrix respond if in a subscription, credit card is configured with 3DS authentication?

  • 3DS requires MOTO to be of value 5 or 6.

  • Subscription requires MOTO to be of value 2 and cannot be both

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