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Payrix Mobile App Terminal Device Template

Template for specifying default settings for device orders.

If a Merchant is ordering multiple devices and would like each terminal set to default settings, send the information below through a ticket via Partner Integrations.

  • Admin settings:

    • App usage Mode: Terminal mode

    • Administration Pin: 

    • Payrix terminal ID: Apply per terminal request

    • Authentications Method: API Auto-Authentication (preferred for automation)

    • Payrix API key: Provided by client

    • Multi-Merchant mode: 

  • Terminal Mode:

    • Transaction Confirmation: Yes/No

    • Terminal Mode Lock: Yes/No

    • Terminal Lock password: 

  • General Settings:

    • Display Tips Screen: Yes/No

    • Level II data: Yes/No

    • Refund approval: 

    • Refund Approval Password: 

    • Batch Close: Manual Batch w/ Default or Auto Batch

    • Time Batch close time:

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