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Transaction Capture Time Frame

In the realm of transaction management, understanding the intricacies of capturing, reauthorizing, and potential fund reversals is essential. We’ll cover the details below to provide a comprehensive understanding.

Transaction Capture

The time for capturing a transaction varies depending on the card brand. To determine the specific duration, refer to the table below:

Card Brand

Time frame


7 days


30 days


7 days


30 days


7 days

Expired Authorizations

In the event of an expired authorization, a proactive step is required. To proceed, the card must be reauthorized to obtain a new authorization code.

Contrary to some expectations, an expired authorization does not trigger an automatic reversal in the Portal. The transaction will persist and remain approved in the Portal even after the expiration timeframe has passed.

Funds Return Process

If the authorization is not captured, the timeline for the cardholder to receive the funds back depends on the policies of the issuing bank. Typically, the bank removes the pending transaction after the authorization has expired.

Understanding these nuances in the transaction lifecycles is crucial for effective management. This guide aims to provide clarity on the various stages of transactions, empowering you to navigate the processes seamlessly. Keep these insights in mind to ensure you’re informed when managing your transactions.

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