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triPOS x Payrix Integration Notices

This article will briefly discuss some of the common occurrences that a developer can expect when integrating with triPOS as a Payrix partner, or one of their prospective Merchants.

Payrix Implementations vs. triPOS Developer Integrations

There is a different process going through Solutioning with your Partner Success Manager to work with the triPOS Developer Integrations team, instead of the Payrix Implementations team which boards new partners to the payment acceptance platform as a whole.

Device Procurement

Device Procurement must be done directly by the Partner through an approved Key Injection Facility.

Partners can acquire a single certified device for testing at no cost. All other devices must be procured solo.

Transaction Reporting & Funding

All triPOS card-present transactions will be imported the following business day morning when the Enhanced Merchant Activity File (eMAF) providing information for all transactions is received from Express through WorldPay.

When the eMAF file has been successfully received and imported, transaction funding and reporting information will appear as normal.

Warning: There is no workaround to the delay in funding and reporting data.

You must wait until the information is imported for accurate reporting and access to the funding from transactions captured on the triPOS-integrated device

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