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Understanding Teams

A Team is a set of role resources that will be set and can be applied to multiple users at once. Teams allow users to share pre-assigned default and custom role resources of the portal (after an initial setup of permissions, based on role(s).) This also applies to the visibility of Merchants and Referrers from user to user.

Teams also offer the unique feature to modify individual users' access levels in the Team user addition form. Access Levels are permission levels that determine the access capabilities that a team member has to other team member's resources, such as Transactions, Entries, Fees, Payouts, Merchant Details, etc.

Access Templates vs. Teams vs. Groups

  • Teams determine the Merchant Portal account(s) a user has access to.

  • Access Templates determine a Merchant’s Portal capabilities.

  • Groups determine the fees, risk decisions, and other parameters of multiple Merchants (entities).

The available Team “Allowed Access Levels” are:

  • None - The user can only make changes to their resources and cannot see other team members' resources.

  • View - The user can change their resources and view other team members' resources.

  • Edit - The user can change their resources and other team members' resources.

  • Admin - The user has full administrative access to their resources and other team members' resources.

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