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Understanding Workflows

A Workflow represents a process configuration that automatically assigns new Merchants to an existing Group when they submit a completed Signup Form hosted by a Facilitator or Referrer. Workflows can be applied at a Partition (Facilitator) and Division (Referrer) level.

Workflows are an easy way to automatically add Merchants to Groups with pre-established fee and billing settings, automated risk decisions, withdrawal schedules, and more as they are boarded. Alternatively, Workflows are also a great way to move High-Risk Merchants to a group that applies more aggressive fees to help offset chargebacks, refunds, and other losses associated with high-risk entity action.

Note: Division Workflow configurations override Partition Workflow configurations. If no Division Workflow configuration is set up, the Merchant offering will default to the Partition-level Workflow configuration.

Warning: Only Facilitators can enable Workflow configurations at any level.

  • For Referrers under the Payrix Partition, submit an Implementations Request to our team to enable your unique Division Workflow.

  • For Referrers under another Facilitator’s Partition, contact their implementation team with the preferred information below to have them create the Workflow on your behalf.

A Workflow consists of a Trigger and an Action. The Trigger is the event that initiates the Action to add or remove the specified Merchant from the specified Group(s).

Workflow Triggers

Workflow Triggers are the events that occur that initiate the automated Workflow action. The following Triggers are available:

  • Create - When a new Merchant account is created, but not fully boarded.

  • Low - When a new Merchant account is reviewed and rated as a “Low” risk entity.

  • High - When a new Merchant account is reviewed and rated as a “High” risk entity.

  • Board - When a new Merchant account has been approved and boarded to the platform.

Workflow Actions

  • Add - Adds the Merchant account to the designated Group(s).

  • Remove - Removes the Merchant account from the designated Group(s).

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