After a merchant is successfully boarded to the Processor there are certain values that cannot be updated. This resource provides a list of values that cannot be updated after successful merchant onboarding:

Merchant Entity Class:

The entity class is used by the processor for TIN validation. Once that validation has been completed then the following fields cannot be updated:

  • Type (entities.type)

  • Public (entities.public)

  • Tax ID Number (entities.ein)

  • Legal Business Name (

Merchant Members Class:

The members class associates an owner to a merchant entity and is used for owner validation. Fields on the /members class can be changed until the merchant TIN is validated by the processor. Once the TIN is marked as “valid” from the processor then it is no longer updatable.

  • First Name (members.first)

  • Last Name (members.last)

  • SSN (members.ssn)

  • Date of Birth (members.dob)

  • Drivers Licence (members.dl)

  • Drivers License State (members.dlstate)

Merchant Class:

The merchant class associates the sub-merchant with the legal entity. Once a merchant is boarded the following fields for the primary owner cannot be updated:

  • MCC (merchant.mcc)

  • Amex (

  • Discover (

  • DBA (merchant.dba)

    • After the merchant TIN is validated by the processor then the Facilitator must be engaged to make this change.

    • Note: This change should only occur after the batch cutoff time of 9:30PM ET. Changing this will cause any active auth to fail capture.