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Use Case: Complete Apple Pay Registration

You can accept Apple Pay as a payment method from customers after the parameter is enabled for your Referrer’s portfolio by Payrix/your Facilitator. Once enabled, you must complete the registration required by the Apple Pay service. This tutorial will walk you through the required Apple Pay registration process.


Partial view of the Payment Methods page displaying the Start Registration button for Apple Pay within the Portal Settings.


Complete required Apple Pay registration for offer Apple Pay acceptance to your customers.


  • Merchants


  • Portal (Sandbox)

  • Portal (Production)



  • You must have a fully boarded Payrix account to perform any of the actions described in the use case guides.

  • An integrated development environment (IDE) like Microsoft VSCode.

  • Apple Pay must be enabled for the your Referrer’s account.


Tips will provide suggestions to streamline or better prepare you to apply this use case tutorial.

Tip: You can also manually download the required Apple Pay domain registration file be environment using the links below:

Tip: All Referrers boarded under Payrix (as their Facilitator) will have Apple Pay enabled by default.

Tip: Although this is a Merchant-specific process, Referrers can log in as their Merchants and individually execute the steps below to register that specific Merchant for Apple Pay payment acceptance.

Additional Resources

  • Read Apple Pay Registration for more details about the Apple Pay registration process and other ways to implement the payment acceptance method.

Complete Apple Pay Registration

1. Access the Payment Methods page.

  • Step 1: Click Settings under the Admin category in the left-hand navigation panel.

  • Step 2: Click Payment Methods under the Business Details box of the Business Settings section.

  • Step 3: Click the START REGISTRATION button under the Apple Pay section to open the Apple Pay Registration lightbox.

2. Complete Apple Pay Registration

  • Step 1: Click Download under the Download the File section to get the domain registration file.

  • Step 2: Host the file at /.well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association.

  • Step 3: Return to the Portal Payment Methods page and click the APPLEPAY - REGISTER ALL button to complete the registration.

  • Step 4: Visit {baseURL}/.well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association to test if the file automatically downloads with the matching domain registration contents matching the original file downloaded from the Portal.

Result: Your portfolio is now registered to accept Apple Pay payments from your customers to add flexibility to your customers' payment options.

Next Steps

Once Apple Pay registration is completed, review the following guides for additional information on related topics:

  • Enable Google Pay: Enable the Google Pay payment acceptance method for your Referrer portfolios using the Enable Google Pay use case.

  • Complete Google Pay Registration: Learn how to finish setting up Google Pay by registering in the Portal with the Complete Google Pay Registration use case.


Once you’ve completed Apple Pay Registration, you can begin offering Apple Pay as a payment method on your payment pages.


Click the links or items below to access any of the following pages:

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