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Use Cases: Billing

Welcome to the Billing Use Case Tutorials!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Portal user, these tutorials are designed to help you successfully create a Statement (Gross) Billing structure to deduct your platform’s fees from your Merchant after a set timeframe (daily or monthly) from the Merchant’s account balance and configure profit sharing between entities to split income and expenses. Explore step-by-step guides with tips and resources tailored to users of the platform.

Note: Net Billing is the process of deducting fees from a Merchant’s transaction amounts before they are deposited into the Merchant’s bank account. Net Billing utilizes our Fees system instead of the Billing Schedules system used for Statement Billing.

See our use case tutorials for Fees for different Net Billing structure options.

What you’ll learn:

  • Configure a Statement Billing Schedule - How to set up and enroll your Merchants into a recurring Statement Billing schedule.

  • Configure Profit Sharing - How to split income, expenses, or both with Merchants or Groups.

Dive into the tutorials below and start your journey toward mastering Billing:

Billing Use Cases

Tip: New to the platform? Enhance your understanding of key concepts and processes by exploring our reference material for Billing:

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