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Use Cases: Payment Acceptance

Welcome to the Payment Acceptance Use Case Tutorials!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Portal user, these tutorials are designed to help you create and manage customer information and payment methods, create payment tokens, and set up different payment options. Explore step-by-step guides with tips and resources tailored to users of the platform.

Note: Payment Acceptance use case tutorials revolve around setting up new customers & payment tokens, and different payment acceptance configurations.

For guidance on processing payments visit the Transactions Use Case Tutorials.

What you’ll learn:

  • Customer Creation - How to save customer information for invoices, payments, or tokenization.

  • Create or Import Tokens - How to create new tokens for new or existing customer payment methods.

  • Payment Options - How to set up Invoices, Payment Pages, and Recurring Subscriptions.

  • Mobile Payments - How to enable and register to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay payments.

Dive into the tutorials below and start your journey toward mastering Payment Acceptance:

Payment Acceptance Use Cases

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