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Referrer Boarding (Payrix Pro)

Referrers, (sometimes called “Vendors”, or “Pro Partners”), are middle-man entities that offer a SaaS payment solution to B2B and B2C Merchants using a whitelabeled version of a [payment] Facilitator’s existing offering. The Referrer can assess billing costs, fees, and profit-sharing configurations to generate revenue from Merchant transactions. Referrers are in a specifically unique position as the Facilitator assumes primary risk mitigation for transactions, minimizing the overall effort and transaction monitoring normally required as a stand-alone payment solution.

Referrers can board the platform under a Facilitator in one of two ways:

  1. Payrix Pro - Payrix acts as your Facilitator to manage the primary risk associated and provide the payment gateway.

  2. Using another PayFac-enabled Facilitator that offers Referrer enablement.

Tip: Referrers boarded under the Payrix Pro offering are also called “Payrix Pro Partners”

Warning: To become a Payrix Pro Partner, you must receive certification from a Launch or Pro Platform Relationship Manager.

Getting Started

To get started as a Referrer on Payrix, you must contact our sales team at

After a sales representative has contacted you, you’ll discuss your payment solution in depth and outline your strategic integration goals. Based on your requirements, we’ll recommend the ideal integration model and pricing to meet your outlined goals and business needs.

Scoping your Project

When you’ve found the best integration model with our sales team, you’ll work with an assigned Relationship Manager to outline and scope your implementation process. Your Relationship Manager will help gather additional requirements during this solutioning process to meet any specific needs you may have.


Following the solutioning process, your Relationship Manager will engage our Implementation team as a technical resource to walk you through the API, Portal, and best practices, ensuring that as your Facilitator, we can meet your merchant’s needs using your solution. In this phase, we’ll review:

  • Setting up your API credentials.

  • Merchant boarding technical requirements.

  • Merchant boarding risk considerations and best practices.

  • Easy Merchant management using Groups, fees, and withdrawals

  • Processing your first sale transaction payment.

  • Setting up your transaction capture & settlement processes.

The Implementations team will validate and certify your solution based on your disclosed requirements and our platform risk requirements. After these requirements have been met and your solution has been certified, your Relationship Manager will contact our Operations team to perform a final review of the solution against our boarding and support procedures.


Once your certification and requirements have been completed, our teams will have everything necessary for a successful launch. Your Relationship Manager will assist with boarding the first merchant and Implementations will validate that your client can successfully process a transaction and settle. After we’ve validated the end-to-end process flow, we will schedule a launch call to address any outstanding go-live into production questions.

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