When does a Fee Trigger

Event specific fees occur in real time based on the scheduled event. For example, if you set up an Auth fee it will be incurred as soon as a transaction is authorized on our platform. However, when you set up a date specific fee, such as a monthly or yearly service fee, this will incur on the date specified when creating the fee. 

Note: If you adjust/modify a fee this can impact how the client is charged. For example, if you have a monthly fee set to apply on the 1st of the month and update it to the 15th, the merchant can potentially incur two monthly fees if you make this modification in between the original and new trigger dates (e.g. you make this change on the 7th of the month). Additionally, if you wanted to change a fee type from authorization to capture, you would need to time this change after the batch has closed so the client does not incur multiple fees.