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Withdrawal Details (M)

The Withdrawal Details page contains information about a specific withdrawal associated with your account, and includes details about the withdrawal, alerts, and disbursement information.

Navigate to the Withdrawal Details page by following the steps below:

  • Step 1: Click on Withdrawals under Admin in the left hand navigation panel.

  • Step 2: Find the specific Withdrawal in the Withdrawal History table, and click on any information to open the Withdrawal Details page.

Partial view of the Withdrawal Details page, including the Withdrawal Details Information Banner and Disbursement Details section.

Withdrawal Details Features

Click here to view the features of the Withdrawal Details page.

Withdrawal Details Information Banner

The Withdrawal Details information banner, located at the top of the page, contains an overview of the specific withdrawal. The following information is included in the information banner:

Information Banner Field Name


Withdrawal Status

The status of the withdrawal: Approved, Pending, or Failed. The withdrawal status also includes the date that the status was last updated.

Withdrawal Amount

The dollar amount of the withdrawal.

Withdrawal Date

The date that the withdrawal transaction occurred.

Processed Date

The date that the withdrawal transaction was processed.


The frequency of the withdrawal for withdrawal schedules, shown as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.


The number of the account that funds the scheduled payment.


The entity associated with the withdrawal transaction.

Disbursement Details

The Disbursement Details section is located at the bottom of the page, and contains information about how the disbursement occurred following the withdrawal transaction, including the following fields:

Disbursement Details Field Name


Trace Number

A 15-digit number that represents the entry detail record based on the merchant's bank routing number. 


The dollar amount of the disbursement associated with the withdrawal.


The platform terminal on which withdrawal transaction was processed.

Disbursement Totals

Additional details of the disbursement including the types of transactions, a count of each transaction type, the monetary amounts for each type, and the amount disbursed into your account.

Disbursement Details Actions

You can download the disbursement details from the Withdrawal Details page by clicking the .XLS or .CSV icons in the upper right-hand corner of the section.

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