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Third-Party Integrated Card-Present Gateways

Terminals connected to different gateways compatible with Payrix’s solution.

Third-Party Integrated Card-Present Gateway Support

For support and more information about each gateway, visit each third-party’s support site (listed below).

Third-Party Integrated Card-Present Gateways

Third-party gateways can be used with Payrix. A gateway passes credit card information from a Merchant’s transaction to the merchant bank and to the applicable issuing bank and credit card network.

The following third-party gateways are compatible with Payrix; for support of these options, contact the vendor directly:

  • USAePay / Network Merchants, Inc. (NMI)


To request a VAR sheet, contact your Payrix Relationship Manager.

Support and Info


Info / Support Site

USAePay / Network Merchants, Inc (NMI)

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