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About Embedded Finance

FIS & WorldPay have partnered with Parafin to provide working capital solutions to Payrix platform clients, called Embedded Finance. This allows merchants to receive working capital offers up to $1,000,000 with:

  • No personal guarantees​.

  • Pre-approval offers instant acceptance​ based on business performance, not credit scores.

  • A Fixed capital fee with no interest, no late fees & no hidden fees

  • Repayment is directly debited by Parafin and the amount is based on daily sales debit amounts.

Getting Started Using Embedded Finance for Working Capital Solutions

If your parent Referrer or Payment Processor (Facilitator) is enabled to issue Embedded Finance options, you will automatically receive an email with a pre-approved working capital offer based on your daily sales data history.

New features coming soon, including an Embedded Finance page in the Portal to connect directly with Parafin for up-to-date info and offers.

If you do not receive an email automatically but would like to participate while additional Portal page features are being implemented for embedded finance, contact your Payrix representative for more information.

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