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ACH WEB (eCheck) Fact Sheet

  1. WEB transactions cannot be considered properly authorized without adequate authentication of the receiver by the originator. The originator is the party requesting the debit from the counterparty’s financial institution.

  2. WEB entries must contain the following information:

    • Express authorization language (e.g. “I authorize ABC Corp. to debit my account…” / “I agree to the terms as outlined in the agreement with ABC Corp…”);

    • The consumer’s financial institution’s routing number and account number;

    • The amount of the transaction. For multiple recurring transactions, the range of amounts or predefined set amounts should be specified;

    • The date and/or frequency of the transaction(s);

    • Revocation language;

  3. Generally, originators must retain the original or a copy of each written authorization of a receiver, or a readily and accurately reproducible record evidencing any other form of authorization for two years from the termination or revocation of the authorization.

    • In the case of WEB entries, when it is permissible for authentication without a physically signed authorization (“similarly authenticated”) a copy of the authorization and a record of the process used to link that authorization to the consumer must be retained by the originator.

  4. Transactions are not considered “WEB” if the authorization was made vocally (e.g. telephone).

  5. Transactions are not considered “WEB” if the authorization was not made via the internet (e.g. paper).

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