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Bulk Migration Risk Questionnaire

  • How many merchants per week/month does the partner intend to submit

  • Number of merchant accounts closed due to fraud/suspected fraud in the last 12 months

  • Average merchant negative balance/highest merchant negative balance for last 12 months

  • How many merchants been added to Mastercard MATCH in the last 12 months

  • Does the partner have all required boarding data for merchants to be migrated? Please review documentation on Payrix’s bulk upload boarding process, including required fields

  • How is merchant acceptance of Payrix TOS being managed for merchants being bulk migration

  • Please request portfolio data for existing merchants - the attached template can be used or data can be provided in any available format

    • The Portfolio Data Request template (attached) allows Payrix to assess the vertical make-up, expected activity and risk exposure of existing portfolios belonging to potential referral partners.

      Potential referral partners are requested to enter the following data for the merchants in their existing portfolio:

      • MCC, Legal Name, DBA, URL, Address

      • Processing Volume

      • Transaction Count

      • Refund Count/Dollars

      • Chargeback Count/Dollars

      • ACH Volume/Transaction count

      • ACH Refund Count/Dollars

      • ACH Reject Count/Dollars

      • Business Start Date

      • Years in Portfolio

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