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FAQ White Label

Submit white label here.

Company Name and Email Address

The company legal name, email address are a risk requirement for correspondence with Payrix.

White Label Name

  • This is the name that will appear on the header and footer of your portal.

  • Only production URL’s will be white labeled. Sandbox will not.


  • The API Subdomain refers to the API source that will be used to communicate to your Web portal. This is relevant should you want to implement the Payrix software into your current platform.

  • The Portal Subdomain refers to the Payrix Portal with your own customized URL for your clients. This is more relevant to your implementation if you wish for your clients to use the Payrix portal interface, but with your company’s logo and brandishing

  • We have an article in our resource center that goes into more detail on this as well: White Labeling and Custom Branding

  • If your domains are not built yet, As long as you don’t foresee any changes we can work with them to still get the DNS records created.

  • Multi Level Subdomains are allowed.

Outgoing Email

  • This is for emails being sent directly to your merchants such as boarding, username confirmation and chargeback notifications.

Invoicing Email

  • Is the email address your customers will receive emails from. This would be utilized if you chose to use the invoice function within the platform. The invoice function is a feature of the portal so could be used by yourself(as a merchant) or your merchants.

  • Send Only can be used but typically customers like to monitor these as active emails.

  • We have an article in our resource center that goes over invoicing in more detail:


Premium Partner Section

Only applicable to Partner’s who are registered payment facilitators with Worldpay.


Please upload logo attachments here. For optimal experience we ask that logos be transparent as the background color of the white label instance is grey. If the logo is not transparent, it doesn't provide an esthetically pleasant customer facing portal.

Graphic Size Requirements

  • Main: 275x80px

  • PayFrame: 60x60px

  • Email: Max height 140px

  • Favicon: 32x32px

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