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February 2023 Release Notes


New Features

  • MasterCard MATCH Watchlist section of the risk profile for each merchant now contains a selectable dropdown list of ICA codes to pass along with Risk microservice requests.


  • Using the equals parameter, searching by IDs with Global Search now loads 99% faster.

  • The Facilitator Account Overview page now loads 96% faster.

  • The Facilitator platform fees data now loads 96% faster in the Funds activity widget of the dashboard.

  • The Transaction Details subpage for each transaction loads 96% faster from the Payment History page.

  • The Subscriptions Profile page now loads listed associated transactions 75% faster.

  • The Customers page has been updated to automatically sort by Customer ID by default, with an option to sort in different ways afterward.

  • The VCORE Chargebacks Respond Modal has been updated to reflect updated upload file size information.

  • Merchant Signup Form autofill capabilities have been removed to prevent information being submitted in the incorrect fields and/or being inaccurate.

  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Google Maps and other Bootstrap resource integrations have been improved to only load external resources as necessary (rather than at all times) to improve overall load times.

  • Merchant Results report has been improved to display the report page-by-page for faster load times and increased the size of the custom time fields so that AM and PM are now visible.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where global search would display the results of two requests for transaction information and transaction metadata simultaneously when searching for sub-merchant info.

  • Issue resolved where generating new Dispute Details reports would pull in the original information and amount from the previously generated report, increasing the current total by that amount.



  • API Documentation Portal now loads 65% faster.

  • Merchant Category Code (MCC) 5552 has been adopted to support merchants with electric vehicle charging businesses.

  • Pushy API integration has been upgraded from Pro to Enterprise to better handle push notifications delivery to customers.

  • Billing statement processing has been improved to process as an entity/billing pairs as a single job to process StatementEntries faster.

Resolved issues

  • Issue resolved where auto debit parameter applied for balances dropping below a certain threshold would not automatically debit the necessary amount to fund the account.

  • Issue resolved where chargeback alert notifications would show the entire amount of a purchase even for partial chargeback requests.

  • Issue resolved where chargeback email alert notifications for chargeback.opened would intermittently not send.

  • Issue resolved to where FundOrigins would delete from the database if their amount was 0.

Payrix Mobile SDKs


  • Version 3.0.14 (EMV Certified)

    • Enhanced bbPOS OTA deviceInfo response Data (new field "PayrixCurrentKeyProfileName")

    • Connecting to Incorrect Reader Occasionally bug fix

    • Manual, EMV and Swipe Refund cleanup


  • Version 3.0.14 (EMV Certified)

    • Skipped these versions - 3.0.11, 3.0.12, 3.0.13. to match the Android SDK version update.

    • Fixed the delegate callback for connecting the readers - earlier no callback was returned from SDK if the given device is not found on scan result but now the desired error is being passed from SDK

    • In order to connect relaibly from SDK, added multiple methods that supports to scan the reader effectively. Because of this the maximum waiting time for getting device data back is 40 seconds and minimum time is less than a second. To do this - Passed the deviceId too in BBPOS-SDK so that BBPOS-SDK search for given device first, if the scan results does not get back in 20 seconds then PayrixSDK will search for BLE devices using standard BLE protocol, that takes another 20 seconds, so in worst case scebario it takes 40 seconds in total for returing the device.


Verifone - Version 1.0.6

  • Revision to deploy new newly enhanced API to Device Notification Service

PAX - Version 2.1.5

  • Revision to deploy new newly enhanced API to Device Notification Service

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