Information intended for all users of the Payrix portal including partners, referrers, and merchants.

This guide is for all Portal users. For more detailed information please reference our Merchant Guides and Referrer Guides within the Payrix Resource Center.


Payrix Portal has a quick access menu section on the left-hand side and a main content section on the right-hand side. For details of each section, click on the heading link.


The Payments section provides users with all they need to create new payments, and manage existing transactions as well as new/existing customers from which payments are made. Key areas are

  • Payment History

  • Recurring Payments

  • Customers

  • Disputes

  • Payment Returns


The management section provides users with functionality related to access control. Roles, templates and teams can be created to fine tune the access of each user account. Key areas are

  • Users


The forms section is used primarily for making invoices, payment pages, and product listings intended for processing transactions for specific items and services on the portal that you can send to your customers. Key areas are

  • Payment Pages

  • Invoices

  • Invoice Settings

  • Products


The reports section provides users access to summary and detailed data on most of Portal functionality. Key areas are

  • Company Reports

  • Transaction Reports

  • Dispute Reports