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Forms (R)

The Forms category allows you to view invoices and payment pages created by your boarded merchants, as well as merchant transaction details for items and services sold. Navigate to the Forms section in the lower half of the left-hand navigation panel, and click any link in the Forms category to navigate to a specific Forms page.

The Forms section (highlighted in red) is found in the left-hand navigation panel.


The Forms category allows you to view and manage transaction details associated with your merchants' sales. You can create new invoices or payment pages, and send information directly to your customers. The Forms category contains the following information:

  • Payment pages include URLs that can be embedded into your merchants' web pages for payment acceptance.

  • Invoices are sent to your merchants for fees or other payments.

  • Detailed listings of all products listed by your boarded merchants.

  • Information on products sold by your merchants that are intended for Level 2 or Level 3 data processing, provides a better data exchange rate from card processors.

Note: Level 2 and Level 3 data refers to the additional transaction data provided by merchants and used by credit card companies to classify a payment processor into different interchange rates. For more information on Level 2/3 processing, visit the Level 2 and 3 Processing page.

Forms Table of Contents

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