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Using the Portfolio Management Page

How To - Use this guide to understand and utilize the Payrix Portfolio Management page available in the Merchant Portal. Your Portfolio Management page provides you with a real-time view of all merchants within your portfolio. You can use this section to easily manage your merchants, retrieve account information, and view their current status.

Use Cases

Your Portfolio Management page supports the following use cases:

  • Boarding Status - Filter merchants by their current status boarding to your platform.

  • Search - Complete basic or advanced searches of your merchants using any collected merchant data.

  • Merchant Info - View all transaction data, risk compliance, business, and account information for any merchant.

Risk Use Cases

Your Portfolio Management page supports the following risk use cases:

  • Account Overview - View all business and account information for a merchant, including OFAC compliance, Customs watchlist, compliance, and Business Authentication confirmation.

  • Setup Details - View all setup parameters of your merchants, such as Transaction Limits, Payouts, and merchant fees.

Portfolio Management Basics

Learn to navigate to and around your Portfolio Management page.

Accessing your Portfolio

  1. Visit the Merchant Portal

  2. Under Management, click Merchants > Portfolio Management

Filter your Portfolio by Merchant Boarding Status

Choose from six available merchant boarding status filter buttons to filter your merchants by:

  • Manual Review - Merchants under manual review prior to boarding.

  • Denied - Merchants that have been denied access to your payments platform.

  • Boarded - Merchant has been boarded successfully to the

  • Ready - Merchants ready to accept transactions. Fully boarded.

  • Show inactive - Merchants no longer active/boarded on your payments platform.

Sort your Portfolio by Column Information

Click the title text of a column to sort your Portfolio by the information of the selected column. Either up or down by value.

Note: The Arrow does not appear in the column sorting feature before being clicked. You must click on the title of the column. Such as Date Created in the example above, in order for the arrow to appear for upward or downward sorting.

Searching your Portfolio

To search all merchant information in your Portfolio, click the search bar and type your desired search term.

Using Advanced Search

In order to search one or more merchants using specific data parameters, click the Search button (located next to the search bar) then toggle on the Advanced Search option.

With Advanced Search enabled, you can easily search your portfolio by one or more data points and create rules for your Portfolio search criteria.

Customizing your Portfolio Views

How to customize how merchant data is displayed in your portfolio. (Also known as “Views”.)

Creating Views to Display Custom Selected Information

  1. To customize the layout of your Portfolio, click the list symbol button – located next to the merchant boarding status filter buttons.

  2. This button will reveal the column data points that can be toggled on or off and arranged by relevance.

    1. Click the checkbox next to the data you want to be displayed.

    2. Use the four-square icons to re-arrange data order in the Sort Selected Columns area.

  3. To save your customized table view, click Create New View.

  4. Enter a name for your customized table view. Then click Save Table View.

View Individual Merchant Data in your Portfolio

To view individual merchant data, click on any column data field of the desired merchant in your Portfolio.

This will take you to the individual merchant profile, containing transactions, business/account information, risk, and compliance information for any merchant at a glance.

Payrix Portal Guide (Merchant)

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