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Invoice (R)

The Invoice page includes information for a specific invoice that has been sent to your customer, including customer information and payment options.

Note: You can edit information in the invoice by changing your Invoice Settings.

Navigate to any Invoice page by following the steps below:

  • Step 1: Click on Invoices under Forms in the left hand navigation panel to open the Invoices page.

  • Step 2: Locate a specific invoice in the Invoices table, and click on any information in the row to open the Invoice Details page.

  • Step 3: Scroll down to the Invoice Details Activity Panel, and click GO TO INVOICES to open the Invoice page.

  • Step 4 (alternative): You can also access a specific invoice via the Payment Pages. Click on Payment Pages under Forms in the left hand navigation panel to open Payment Pages, click the item from Payment Pages table to open Payment Pages Details, and then click GO TO PAY PAGE to open the invoice.

Partial view of the Invoice page, including the Invoice Heading, Payment Button, Customer Information, and Invoice Information.

Invoice Features

Click here to view the features of the Invoice page.

Invoice Heading

The Invoice Heading is located at the top of the invoice, and displays your business name and mailing address, the invoice number, due date, and total invoice amount.

Payment Button

The Payment Button is located in the top right hand corner of the page. Customers click PAY INVOICE to redirect to the Payment Form (see below).

Customer Information

The Customer Information section is located below the Invoice Heading, and displays information about the customer that the invoice is billed to, including the Invoice Title, the name of the customer and their email address, and the name of the person that the invoice product was shipped to.

Invoice Information

The Invoice Information section is located below the Customer Information section, and displays the products billed for by the invoice, including the item name, item number, quantity, price per item, and the total amount including any tax or discounts.

Payment Form

The Payment Form contains the fields required for invoice payment, including the following fields:

Payment Form Field Name



The name of the customer that the invoice was billed to.


The customer’s credit card number.


The customer’s credit card expiration date.


The customer’s credit card card verification value number.


The customer’s company name.


The customer’s email address.


The customer’s phone number.


The customer’s street mailing address.

Address 2

The suite number portion of the customer’s street mailing address.


The city portion of the customer’s address.


The country portion of the customer’s address.


The state portion of the customer’s address.


The zip code portion of the customer’s address.

Pay Button

Located at the bottom of the Payment Form, customer’s click this button after entering the required information to process their invoice payment.

Note: The Payment Form section displays input fields for credit card information, but customers can select to pay using ApplePay by clicking APPLEPAY in the top portion of the form. To edit payment method information for future invoices, open the Invoice Settings page.

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