• Fee rule conditions now offer an “either” or “all” option to better define the rules that apply for fees.

  • Business fee rule has been added to charge additional fees exclusively for business credit cards with a valid BIN and all fields titled business-card-credit have been renamed to Business BIN for better visibility.

  • Payments History page sorting default has been updated to automatically display listings by Payment ID.

  • Transactions are now searchable in the portal’s global search function using customer discretionary data.

  • Merchant profile page loading time has been drastically reduced - estimated load time is 3 seconds.

  • Account Balance Detail report added to datalake to drastically reduce generation time.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where dashboard requests would not be terminated upon leaving the dashboard page.

  • Issue resolved where USD would appear as a currency option while logged in as a Canadian merchant.

  • Issue resolved where profile groups assigned to Referrers, the option to apply to all Merchants was automatically set to false.

  • Issue resolved where profile data would not appear in newly created profile groups.

  • Issue resolved where updates to user policies would not show multiple unless the page was reloaded.

  • Issue resolved where the startDate field of Assign Fee To Merchant window would show invalid request due to the format of the parameter; since changed to string type.

  • Issue resolved where when No was selected for the “Portal Access” field for new accounts, the Account Login section of the form would still appear.

  • Issue resolved where created merchant fields would not appear as expected for parameters like ABN Postal Code or Trading Name.


New Features

  • Business fee rule has been added to charge additional fees exclusively for business credit cards with a valid BIN.

  • Plaid integration now offers EFT based authorization for Canadian merchants instead of US-based ACH.


  • Added tmxSessionId parameter to transaction schema in API documentation to utilize our ThreatMetrix integration.

  • Added toggle added for online transaction processing via VCORE to HTTP methods.

  • Added a new ISO header and base64 prefix for encoding VCORE transactions for HTTP method processing.

  • Added new endpoints for VCORE to HTTP method to test instead of VCORE sockets.

  • Added batch dates to VCORE batch translator, assigned to that current date.

  • Added template variables for Merchants approved for onboarding with Reserve.

  • Added Google Pay API key rotation for the integration to add additional security.

Resolved issues

  • Issue resolved where disbursements would partially reverse.

  • Issue resolved where creating a statement withdrawal via debit would reject and return.

  • Issue resolved where some merchant batch jobs would return multiple transactions; some processed, others not.

  • Issue resolved where delay of eCheck funding (for clearance of payment funds) would not function as expected and instantly clear funds even for accounts without the necessary balance.

  • Issue resolved where Chargeback.opened webhook would not properly alert the intended addressee.

Payrix Mobile SDKs


  • Version 3.0.12

    • Chipper 3X BT connection error code 3020 fixed.

  • Version 3.0.11

    • Android 12 and above permission issue fixed.

  • Version 3.0.10

    • Card not Swiping fixed - EMV (Tap/Insert) takes more priority than SWIPE, for quick SWIPE response use cardDeviceMode_Swipe.

  • Version 3.0.9

    • Introduced scanning error message to method didReceiveScanResults of interface PayrixSDKCallbacks: If it's an error the method argument scanSuccess will be false, the scanMsg will be the error message and the PayDevice list will be empty.

    • Added BBPOS OTA firmware update.


  • Version 3.0.9 (EMV Certified)

    • Fixed the callback for "Device Error: 28 - Peer removed pairing information" error. didReceiveBTConnectResults method is called with message for the error.


Verifone - Version 1.0.5

  • Added new logging for data returned by Processor. If a defect occurs, logging can be enabled.

  • Resolved Card Holder data parsing defect causing TerminalTxn records not to be updated properly.

PAX - Version 2.1.4

  • Revision to resolve issues with cardholder data.

Poynt - Version 1.3.13

  • New App Industry categories for better selection and application placement.

  • Poynt Smart Terminal v3 option to ensure Compatibility with the new PST3 device.