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PayFields embeds a Payrix-hosted iFrame on your payment page, which makes it possible to format each field using custom CSS.

PayFields is a hosted payment solution that enables a merchant to securely accept payments directly on their website or checkout page. PayFields includes features that support customizing the look and feel of the checkout page while providing access to Payrix’s PCI Level 1 Certification for payment security and compliance.

It is important as an integrator to ensure that card data is only supplied in secure credit card fields and that the implementation is correct to maintain reduced PCI scope.

Payrix provides the following resources for merchants that are integrating PayFields into their sites:

Customer Experience

PayFields integrates seamlessly with a merchant’s existing checkout experience by adding individual payment-related fields to the payment page. The payment fields are served by Payrix, which ensures the security and compliance of the data entered by a customer.

PayFields do not currently support partial authorizations or partial payments.

Use Cases

PayFields supports the following use cases:

  • Transaction - Collect payments using credit/debit cards or ACH.

  • Token Only - Create a card token for processing automatic or recurring payments.

  • Transaction + Token - Collect payment for a credit card sale and generate a card token at the same time.


PayFields provides the following features that support customization and additional workflows:

  • Optional fields - Add and configure billing address and Level II/III fields. Pass customer IDs to create payments for existing customers. Set the fields required for AVS (address verification).

  • Customization - Set the styles and contents for the payment fields. Prepopulate field values, and set required and optional fields.

  • Card swipe popup - Add a popup to support collecting payment data using a compatible card reader.

  • Buttons - Add payment submission and card swipe buttons to the payment page.

  • Zero Auth Transactions - Check the validity of a customer’s payment method without charging the card.

  • Tokenization - Create card tokens for automatic and recurring payments.

  • Payment Methods - Accept credit/debit and ACH transactions.


The image below shows an example of a basic PayFields payment page implementation:

Updates and Improvements

  • Pass Customer ID in Payfields & Create Multiple Tokens for Customer - Create a new payment or token for an existing customer by passing new payment info and the Customer ID.

  • Make Pre-Populated Fields Editable - Pre-populated merchant boarding data fields are now editable.

  • Required Fields can now be set as Optional - All fields other than Primary Account Number (CC number), Expiration Date, and CVV can now be set as optional.

  • Allow for Street Number or Zip Code Only - Choose to separate Zip Codes and Street Numbers from a customer address.

  • (Beta) Add ACH to PayFields - Implement an ACH payment method option.

  • Payfields - Setting Email/Phone Fields as Optional - Set email and phone fields of the address string as optional using PayFields.customizations.optionalFields.

Additional Resources

The following additional resources apply to PayFields implementations:

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