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PayFrame Configuration Details (F)

The PayFrame Configuration Details page contains details about a specific PayFrame configuration saved in your PayFrame Configurations page table. You can edit configuration details or copy a code snippet to embed the PayFrame into your payment page or website.

Note: A PayFrame embeds a Payrix-hosted payment form on a merchant’s checkout page, and includes basic customization options that require minimal development effort to implement. For more information on PayFrame, including a QuickStart Guide, see the PayFrame page.

Navigate to the PayFrame Configuration Details page by following the steps below:

  • Step 1: Click on PayFrame Configurations under Forms in the left hand navigation panel.

  • Step 2: Locate the specific PayFrame Configuration in the table, and click on any information in the table row to open the PayFrame Configuration Details page.

Partial view of the PayFrame Configurations page, including the Payment Button Form, the PayFrame Settings Form, and the Edit icon.

PayFrame Configuration Details Features

Click here to view the features of the PayFrame Configuration Details page.

Payment Button Form

The Payment Button form includes information on the size (pixels), color, and text that is displayed on the Payment Button embedded with your PayFrame form.

PayFrame Settings Form

The PayFrame Settings form contains more details about the PayFrame payment form and how it will be displayed in your payment website, including the following information:

PayFrame Settings Form Field Name


Image URL

The web address for an image displayed in the PayFrame.


The name of the PayFrame.


A description of the PayFrame.


Indicates whether the PayFrame redirects the customer to a new page during the payment process. Choose Yes or No.

Skip Address

Indicates whether customers must enter their billing address during the payment process. Choose Yes or No.

Amount Type

Indicates whether the payment is a preset amount or is added by the customer. Choose from Preset or Input.


The dollar amount payed when a customer clicks the Payment Button.


The color of the customer facing payment experience. You can change the color when editing the document by selecting a color from the palette or entering a Color Hex code into the field.


The mode of payment. Choose from the following: Transaction, Token, or Transaction Token.

Transaction Type

The type of transaction that occurs when the customer uses the PayFrame. Choose from Sale or Authorization.


Any API keys that are associated with the PayFrame.


The Payrix-generated ID of the merchant that uses the PayFrame in their payment website. Change the merchant by editing the document and then selecting from a list of merchants in the dropdown menu for this field.

Payframe Button and Settings Forms Action

To edit information in both the PayFrame Button and Settings forms, click the PENCIL icon in the top right hand corner of the page. Edit information in either or both forms, and click the CHECKMARK icon to save your changes, or else discard your changes and return to the previous version by clicking the X icon.

PayFrame Customer View

The Customer Facing Payment View is located on the right hand side of the page. These images are what customers will see when they view the PayFrame configuration embedded in a payment page. Editing information in the PayFrame Configuration Details page will change the customer view images.

View of the PayFrame Customer Experience Payment Info and Billing Address Button.

View of the PayFrame Customer Experience Billing Address Information and Pay Button.

Copy Code Snippet

The code that embeds the PayFrame configuration into a website is located at the bottom of the page. To copy the code, click the COPY CODE SNIPPET button and paste the code in the embedded location.

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