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Real-Time Return Authorization

Previously, the Payrix payment processor would process refunds in batches, similar to sales transactions, to be sent to the processor for settlement at the end of the day, delaying the time the Merchant received notification if the refund transaction was approved or declined until the settlement period.

This workflow not only creates an inconvenience but also poses compliance challenges, requiring real-time authorization for refund transactions. Real-Time Return Authorization ensures compliance with major card brands and streamlines the refund process, increasing efficiency for both Merchants and their customers. Merchants are instantly notified about the status of each refund - approved or declined.

With Real-Time Return Authorization you can:

  • Instantly know the status of your customer’s refund.

  • Avoid retrying failed refunds or manually locating declined transactions.

  • Receive Authorization Codes related to each refund transaction.

Warning: Real-Time Return Authorization will be enabled on May 13, 2024.

Real-Time Return Authorization Transaction Lifecycle

As part of the Real-Time Return Authorization functional update, the transaction lifecycle for refunds will change to no longer reflect a pending status, but rather be Approved and Captured (or Declined) instantly before reaching the Settled status.


Refund Transaction Details

The Transaction Details page for refund transactions will no longer display a Cancel button, allowing the initiated refund to be canceled. This is due to the instantaneous nature of Real-Time Return Authorization, approving or declining an initiated refund immediately.


The Transaction Details page for a Refund Transaction with the removed Cancel button.

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