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Release Notes - August 25, 2023

Portal (Version 24.19.0)

New Features

  • “Decline” reason and type have been added to the Decline display when a bank account or business information is submitted with supporting documents through a change request.


  • The Disputes page view has been updated to display more granular information about disputes at a high level to allow quick visibility of more important information like whether or not a Merchant needs to respond.

  • The Dispute Details page view now contains a visible timeline graph to display the stage of an active dispute, as well as a new “Dispute Summary” section to give a quick snapshot of the dispute at a glance.

  • The Dispute and Dispute Details pages now quickly display Customer information for the cardholder disputing the payment, as well as the customer’s other transaction history and generally related transactions.

  • On the Risk Management page for Merchants, new filter buttons have been added to quickly sort by “reserved” and “not ready” statuses in the partner's portfolio.

  • The Risk Decisions page now offers a quick “Risk Level” sub-decision to quickly set high, medium, or low risk for Merchants.

  • The New Merchants Smart Tile for the dynamic dashboard has been updated to include “recently boarded” vs. “recently created” as well as remembering the user’s settings upon page refresh.

  • The Risk Management page now allows users to sort by “status”.

  • The Payment History page now contains a quick filter button for “Failed” transactions.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where text displayed in the Emailage Risk Smart Card would overflow to the right instead of wrapping to the Smart Card dimensions as expected.

  • Issue resolved where the format of the “Discount Rate” column in the Monthly Statement report would incorrectly place the decimal point in the displayed number value.

  • Issue resolved where a small typo was fixed in the Bank Account change lightbox pop-up.

  • Issue resolved where setting a user’s Portal access to “No” would cause an error during an attempted MFA login mistakenly allowing access.

  • Issue resolved where “Created” data would not display on the Risk page as expected.

Payrix Mobile SDKs


  • Version 3.0.18 (EMV Certified)

    • Successfully addressed the error in getTargetVersion function within the OTA SDK, predominantly observed for CHB2F devices.

    • Introduced a new method, setDebugLog(enable:), facilitating enhanced logging within the OTA process.

    • Exclusive compatibility with Xcode14 and higher versions, aligned with Apple's Bitcode Support deactivation announcement.

    • To accommodate older versions, a BelowXcode14 folder is available, housing both BitcodeEnabled and BitCodeDisabled SDKs. However, the folder lacks the fix for the getTargetVersion method related to CHB2F Devices.



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