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Release Notes - August 31, 2023

Portal (Version 24.20.0)

New Features

  • The Dynamic Dashboard now offers a new smart tile titled ACH Return Reasons that divides the top 5 reasons into a quick visible pie chart to quickly identify areas of opportunity.


  • The Related Transactions tab of the Risk Management page displays a new column titled “Disputes” to quickly identify if a transaction was returned or charged back, as well as new “Division” and “Merchant” name columns to help more easily associate transactions to entities.

  • Facilitator-level Risk users can now input a separate dedicated email address for Referrers to be properly notified of email communications and reduce missed email notifications.

  • The Merchant Monthly Statements decimal point placement for financial values has been moved to the proper 2-digit format before the whole number.

  • A toggle has been added to the Facilitator-level Risk Management page to allow FAcilitators to quickly view holds created by them or those created by their referrers and merchants within the Portfolio.

  • The Reserves page within the Merchant Profile page (Facilitator level) has been renamed to Risk Actions allowing risk alerts for reserves to be batched allowing multiple actions to be taken at once, and removing the Transactions in Reserve section.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where Risk & Underwriting alerts would not be visible to Referrer and Referrer Admin users.

  • Issue resolved where the Referrer signup form would only allow currency from another region to appear when Canada is selected for the country.

  • Issue resolved where the Referrer Dynamic Dashboard Smart Tiles would be delayed in populating causing a mismatch in the data shown against the data on other pages of the Portal.



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