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Release Notes - December 17, 2023

Portal (Version 24.33.0)

New Features

  • A Plaid Smart Card has been added to the Underwriting page allowing Risk Analysts to quickly verify the identity of the primary owners of a business entity.

  • New email and web alerts (webhooks) are available for the delayed transaction funding notifications.

  • A new SaferPayments page has been added to the Settings page, displaying PCI compliance and the current real-time status of their SaferPayments / PCI compliance. This page also includes a “How do I get compliant” button available in the form, that will direct users to the SaferPayments portal for the PCI DSS assessment and compliance validation/attestation.

  • Canadian Merchants are now able to see their overall “Total Effective Rate” (that month's total processing fees divided by monthly total sales volume) in their Merchant Statement to determine monthly processing costs, removing the need for the Deposit Summary & Daily Balances sections.

  • A new “Customer Ticket Number” field has been added to the Terminal Transaction details page to identify additional information about the terminal transaction in the case of a dispute.

  • A new Embedded Finance page has been added to the Settings for Merchants to allow Merchants to borrow capital through the platform seamlessly.

  • A new Multi-Factor Authentication API role has been added to filter specific Portal page tables by the role to determine which users have been assigned MFA.

  • Terminal Transaction Details page now features a “Decline Reason” field with a message displayed underneath the field explaining with a brief summary.


  • The Change Management Request table has been updated to include a more comprehensive search and sorting criteria. Including the ability to search by a user’s first and last name, entity, or division name and exclude incomplete or null entries from the results.

  • The Change Management Request table has been updated to include a “Merchant Status” column determining their Risk Review status.

  • The Disbursement Details page now displays VAP and VCore as a combined “WorldPay” while still itemizing the represented data in the details of the disbursement.

  • The Portal has been upgraded to Angular 15 to provide various improvements to the framework.

  • The Bank Account change process has been updated to include file upload requirements in the form submission for bank account verification documents, preventing unnecessary redundancies and streamlining the process in a more compliant way.

  • Quick Reports have been updated to offer a Scheduler to configure and begin regularly scheduled report generation to be delivered via email.

  • The Merchant and Transaction Risk Underwriting page queues for Facilitator-level Risk users have been updated to include an “Analyst” field to allow more streamlined ownership of listed risk review requests. This update also features a “claim / un-claim” feature for underwriters to quickly assign and or unassign a queue item accordingly.

  • Transaction Fee report has been added to Quick Reports to allow for a larger and more granular version of the report.

  • The User Details page has been updated to include a new UI separating the relevant information by user level into tabs on the heading and reorganizing the content to be more intuitive.

  • The User Details page has been updated to include a new “Teams” tab displaying more granular information about the various teams that that user is in.

  • The Sales Graph displayed on the Dashboard now displays a year-over-year transaction volume comparison through a Year/Year checkbox toggle allowing the last 12 months to be displayed against the current graph value in different colors.

  • Users can now create new Access Templates from within the new user creation form to easily create a new template if one does not already exist.

  • Facilitator-level Risk Analysts can now modify the status of a Bank Account Change Request for a Merchant or Referrer from “Pending” to “Manual Review” if the status remains stuck in Pending for whatever reason.

  • The name of the associated Merchant has been added to the Dispute Details page for a given Dispute under the Transaction Details section to help quickly identify the Merchant facing the Dispute.

  • The Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) user enablement method now provides a Cancel button when selecting “No” for the MFA-enabled parameter in the User profile to leave the pop-up modal and choose “Yes” to enable MFA after understanding the security risk of disabling or not initially enabling MFA.

  • “Remember Me” for MFA has been removed when logging in as a child entity to prevent unnecessary access.

  • The Multi-Factor Authentication enablement step has been removed from the Add User form and is now automatically applied to new users upon creation for a faster and more secure creation flow.

  • The Monthly Statement Report has been updated to include a cover sheet explaining the various values and data points on the report.

  • Facilitator-level users can now toggle bank account update email notifications in the Parameters page for a selected Referrer or Merchant.

  • Facilitator-level Risk users and Underwriters can now board new Merchants immediately using a new “Board” button to release one or more holds and trigger an automated boarding process with an option to add a reserve to reduce the number of pages and forms required to process a new Merchant boarding on the Underwriting page.

  • The Chargeback Disputes Tracker has been updated to include an information box regarding any Pre-Arbitraiton cycle submissions being declined by the issuer in question so that the Merchant can properly take the next steps to respond.

  • Change Requests have been added to the Risk Decisions logic to automate some of the decisions required in the review process.

  • The Underwriting page has been updated with a Change Request filter that automatically displays change requests only when arriving from a hyperlink in the Change Request Management Queue or Risk Queue.

  • The Single Sign-On (SSO) option has been removed from the login and profile pages to create consistent enforcement of MFA for best security practices.

  • The Whitelabel Branding page (located in Settings) has been updated to include an MFA whitelabeling option to change the company name and SMS phone number displayed in the SMS message received by users with MFA enabled under your portfolio.

  • Email and Web Alerts pages now allow “Change Request “Alerts to be configured for parent entities to be notified of changes to the status of a Bank Account Change Requests.

  • The Transaction Details page (and other tables that contain card or ACH icons) has been updated to include specific Debit Card Network icons for the prospective processing networks to more quickly identify debit card transactions against other types.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where the Dispute Tracker would continue to display the number of days to respond for Disputes that were already Won or Lost and marked as Closed as if they were not Closed.

  • Issue resolved where the Projected Exposure Risk Smart Card on the Underwriting page mistakenly mapped “Non-Profit” to the Government parameter value in the “Structure” field resulting in the non-profit entity structure displaying as “Government Organization”.

  • Issue resolved where a Dispute’s status in the Dispute Tracker was displayed as both Won and Lost erroneously.

  • Issue resolved where attempting to use Scheduled Reports would result in a “Missing Report(s)” error.

  • Issue resolved where the ability to filter by “Entity” would not pre-populate with the Merchant, Division, or Partition options available.

  • Issue resolved where attempting to use Scheduled Reports would result in a 400 error.



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