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Release Notes - February 2, 2024

Portal (Version 24.37.0)

New Features

  • The Reporting page now offers a Revenue Share Report for Facilitators and Referrers to review each Merchant’s revenue split between Payrix and themselves.


  • The Representment stage of the Dispute Tracker has been updated with clearer language to easily identify whether or not you’ve already uploaded your dispute evidence.

  • The Dispute Ratios Report has been added to the list of Quick Reports available on the Schedule Reports tab of the Reports page.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where the title of the Add User page was mistakenly displayed as Create An User.

  • Issue resolved where the Disbursement Details section of the Withdrawal History page would mistakenly default to display WorldPay, instead of the actual platform when not using WorldPay.

  • Issue resolved where Scheduled Reports would not correctly deliver the email to the user’s email address as expected.

  • Issue resolved where the Merchant Monthly Statement report would mistakenly round disbursement amounts, causing confusion.

  • Issue resolved where fee calculations would mistakenly round percentage calculations, resulting in fee amounts being displayed inaccurately.



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