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Release Notes - January 12, 2024

Portal (Version 24.34.0)

New Features

  • The User creation form now contains a “Custom Permissions” tab to enable or disable individual features for each user.

  • The User creation form now contains an Access Templates option that allows a new modern UI to be visible allowing for the assignment of Portal access capabilities during user setup.

  • WellsACH has been added as a new entity route for eCheck processing.


  • The Disputes page has been updated to include a new “Merchant” column to allow Referrers and Facilitators to quickly identify the entity associated with the Dispute.

  • The Dispute Tracker on the Dispute Details page has been updated to include a more detailed status badge indicating when a chargeback dispute is in Representment or Pre-Arbitration.

  • The Dispute Tracker on the Dispute Details page has been updated to include an Evidence Upload due date within the dispute tracker (when applicable).

  • The Disputes page has been updated to allow search by Cardholder name for quicker review.

  • Disputes and Dispute Details reports have been updated to now offer a Quick Reports generation option for reduced load times.

  • The Underwriting page has been updated to include buttons to Release, Review, Reserve, or Decline high-risk Merchants attempting to board or suspicious transactions more quickly.

  • The Underwriting page Business Website Smart Card has been updated to display a portion of the entity’s business website in the Portal.

  • The Underwriting page has been updated to include multiple search parameter criteria to allow for granular filtering options.

  • Risk Decisions have been updated to include multiple selections when applying a No Match sub-decision or conditional rule.

  • The Balance Details report has been updated to offer a Disbursement ID filter in the “Advanced Filters” option to sort and filter by Disbursement ID.

  • The Dispute Details page now quickly identifies the Dispute ID, shown on the top of the Dispute Details tab for the Dispute profile.

  • The Bank Account Change request process has been updated to include a green checkmark for all automatically approved manual submissions.

  • The User creation form has been updated to include a search bar in the Teams section to allow an entity to search by team for quicker assignment of new users.

  • The Merchant Profile page has been updated to redirect users to the Disputes page when clicking on listed disputes from the menu.

  • The Portal has been updated to remove constantly required location sharing by displaying a “Remember Me” checkbox at login for 30 days before having to re-share a location.

  • The search bar has been improved with a modern UI to simplify the categorizations of available search criteria options.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where the information displayed for “Unavailable” status disputes in the Dispute Tracker would run outside of the boundaries of the message box.

  • Issue resolved for multiple user interface bugs for assigning custom API roles and Portal resources on the Access Templates page.

  • Issue resolved where the new Schedule Reports feature produces a 400 error when attempting to generate a scheduled report.

  • Issue resolved where the Dispute Tracker page would display “Past Due” on disputes already decided as “Won” or “Lost”.

  • Issue resolved where the Credit Report smart card on the Underwriting page would not properly display credit inquiry descriptions, decision codes, or detailed tradeline info.



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