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Release Notes - June 23, 2023

Portal (Version 24.12.0)

New Features

  • The Group profile page now has a sub menu, called Value Added Services, that allows the user to add a desired additional value-added service to the group configuration.

  • The Risk page now contains a “Run Policy” button to re-run an existing risk policy on a transaction manually.


  • The Track Pending Merchants page has now been configured to be an empty form upon creation of a request to allow for streamlined submission and no confusion with defaulted values.

  • The Track Pending Merchants page now allows risk analysts to request additional documentation without the need to create a new Pending Merchant listing on-page.

  • Fees now allow the configuration of 3 SaferPayment options for Basic, Managed, and Non-Activity statuses to allow fee assessments for SaferPayment usage.

  • “Reasons” field has been added to the Transaction Risk Queue for quick visibility for explanation why the transaction has been flagged for risk review.

  • The Terminal Transaction Details page now displays the transaction type directly form the microservice platform.


  • Balance Details Reports and Statement Detail Reports have been updated to include new Disbursement details including Payout , Payout Status, Line Item, Line Item Status, and Status Descriptions. (Available in Beta).

  • Transaction Detail Reports now feature an “AUTH Code” field value to quickly display the authorization code for the individual transaction listing.

  • Monthly Statements now contain updated column names for easier navigation.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where Negative Balances report would clip at 50 total records without the option to paginate or load more records.

  • Issue resolved where Risk Decision policy creation from the Decisions page, the Owner Phone value would pass as empty/not required.

  • Issue resolved where the Terminal Transactions Profile page would erroneously display the Terminal’s transaction type instead of the expected Terminal’s transaction status.

  • Issue resolved where Monthly Statements reporting would fail when trying to generate.

  • Issue resolved where the “Log Off” button of the Portal would return an error instead of initiating the logout.

API (Version 23.12.0)

New Features

  • API Web Alert options now available for Signup Form merchant boarding.

  • Rate Limit Exceeded error code has been added to the API for rate limit testing and live notification.

  • New risk parameters negativeBalanceLimit and debitGracePeriod are available for risk analysts to set the maximum amount a merchant balance is allowed to go negative, and the number of days the merchant will have after reaching that point before an automated debit withdrawal is made to their account on file.

  • /entityRoutes now contains a SaferPayment option for more flexible configuration.


  • Chargeback microservice platform response and error service messages will now be displayed in the Portal.

  • Transaction email templates now display an order number when generated via API.

  • Transaction Holds can now be made in a “Post Review” status allowing transactions that were previously reviewed to have a hold applied in rare cases of fraud or other risk.

  • /tokens options have been updated to include Apple Pay tokens, Google Pay tokens, and Worldpay Gateway/Test tokens.

  • Read-only users can now self-create Session Keys to extend their Portal login authorization.

  • Chargeback Microservice platform now allows setting a disputed amount through the WorldPay platform.

Issues Resolved

  • Issue resolved where Canadian EFT Return codes would cause issues when attempting to generate view the eMAF report.

  • Issue resolved where the default currency values for chargebacks, transactions, and assessments would automatically set as ‘USD’ for Canadian merchants.

  • Issue resolved where attempting to update Batch Close Method and Time parameters would return an error.

  • Issue resolved where capturing email field values during transaction capture would not process correctly.

  • Issue resolved where Facilitator-level API keys would not properly pass to the server when making a request to the server.

  • Issue resolved where chargebacks could not be created for inactive merchants for customer accessibility even when a merchant has been marked as “inactive”.

  • Issue resolved where the Fees currency option would not properly default to the local currency of the entity.

  • Issue resolved where Apple Pay transactions would not properly pass customer identifying information.

  • Issue resolved where Disbursement Reversals would erroneously create a duplicate entry via the minimum field.

  • Issue resolved where Merchant Signup Form currency option would not properly default to the local currency of the entity.

  • Issue resolved where Google Pay transaction information for customer’s first, middle, and last name would not display in the correct order.

  • Issue resolved where chargeback reference was passed to the microservice platform instead of the intended chargeback ID.

  • Issue resolved where email or web alerts would not properly detect the resource alert triggers for CRUD operations to the server.

  • Issue resolved where random transactions would be held by a risk decision policy without meeting the policy criteria.

  • Issue resolved where the applicable Account Verification Service risk policy would prevent Google Pay transactions from processing.

  • Issue resolved where MATCH Mastercard data would not properly transmit to the Risk Microservice platform.

  • Issue resolved where a user’s IP address would be replaced with a Cloudflare IP address during risk analysis.



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