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Release Notes - March 1, 2024

Portal (Version 24.41.0)

New Features

  • The following Debit Card networks have been added to the Fee Conditional Rule options: Accel, ATH, Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN), Culiance (CU24), Interlink & PAVD, Jeanie, Maestro, NYCE, Pulse, Shazam, and Star.

  • Facilitators and Referrers can now enable Schedule Reports as an option to set specific Quick Reports for automatic generation and email delivery on a recurring schedule.


  • Quick Charge has been updated to only allow customer token selection based on the applicable transaction type, so that eCheck account tokens and card account tokens are only presented when allowed.

  • The Terminal Transaction Details page has been updated to display the EMV value of the each transaction in the Portal (whether the card was swiped or not) as well as the Hour and Minute fields being added to the details to give a more precise time of card processing.

  • The Merchant signup form has been updated to include a currency indicator, allowing Referrers to streamline boarding between both US and Canadian Merchants, mitigating confusion or automatic blocking of boarding Merchants.

  • The Users page for Referrers and Facilitators has been updated to display a new column showing whether or not a user has been notified via email and verified their email address upon setup.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where the Referrer, logged-in as the Merchant, was unable to generate a Statement Detail report, and would not appear in the Report History page afterward.

  • Issue resolved where generating past data into a report would include data from one month prior to the set data reporting date.


Payrix App for PAX A-Series Mobile Platform

Version 2.1.13

  • Security fix

  • Crash fix on A920Pro devices Version 2.1.12 of the Payrix App for PAX.



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