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Release Notes - May 2, 2024

Portal (Version 24.48.0)

New Features

  • Merchants can now access the new Payouts feature through a toggle switch on the Withdrawals page.


  • The Transaction Detail Report now accurately matches the data visible in the Portal for Merchant Cost, Vendor Cost, and other transaction information.

  • The new feature enhancement allows users to paginate and manage more than 50 MCCs in the Portal and API, providing greater flexibility and control over the Merchant MCC whitelist and blacklist.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where the Account Updater report, would not generate data for the specified date range entered in the search filter as expected.

  • Issue resolved where the phone number endpoint was dropping the last digit and changing the order in the Portal. The fix ensures that the number is passed correctly and the order is maintained for both the pipe and the directive.

  • Issue resolved where the Diner’s Club logo wasn’t showing up on the Terminal Transactions page. The logo display issue has been fixed, and the Diner’s Club logo is now visible as expected.

  • Issue resolved where column headers would still display on Portal page tables without applicable column data. This has been updated to ensure that they are only shown when there is data for that column. This improvement provides a more streamlined and efficient user experience by reducing unnecessary visual clutter.

  • Issue resolved where the breadcrumb trail links were not displaying on the Dispute pages. Now, the breadcrumb trail links are correctly showing on all pages of the Portal, including the dispute pages.



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