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Release Notes - November 13, 2023

Portal (Version 24.30.0)

New Features

  • The Underwriting queue now provides the option for Risk Analysts and underwriters to approve and board reserved Merchants immediately to streamline the boarding process.

  • The Change Request Tab has been added as a tab to the Change Request Management page table for underwriters as a distinction between pre and post-boarding requests for changes.

  • A new first-time user walkthrough video has been added to the Disputes page to demonstrate the functionality of the new Dispute Tracker.


  • The Change Management Queue fields displayed with the request information have been updated to reflect more UI-friendly terms for clarity and easier visibility.

  • Invoice configuration now allows users to add or remove Google Pay as a payment option in Invoices.

  • Various field updates have been made to the Canadian Merchant Signup Form to more accurately reflect tax formations, business types, and formatting relevant to the Canada Revenue Agency BRN and Jurisdiction designations.

  • Risk Level and Policy Type information are now displayed as Smart Cards for Underwriting and Transaction Risk pages to clearer and more quickly review an entity or transaction and apply the appropriate actions.

  • The Users page UI has been updated to display a cleaner list of Users for simpler navigation.

  • “Conflict” and “No Conflict” statuses have been added to the Bridger Smart Card on the Risk Management page to replace “Matches” for a better understanding of the results.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where the returned disbursements would not display the necessary Disbursement Entry information.

  • Issue resolved where various Alerts would return a 403 error from the server to the Portal.

  • Issue resolved where the Trulioo Know Your Business (KYB) service field formats would not properly transmit to the Portal form.

  • Issue resolved where the Portal would be unable to pull VAR Sheets from the server to be properly available for download.

API (Version 23.23.1)

New Features

  • The POST /entities API request now allows for the unlimited creation of custom fields with up to 1,000 characters each.


  • Tokenized Account Numbers provided by Plaid for account providers like Chase now will display as the last 4 of the account number to properly mask and protect the actual account from fraud.

  • Bank account change emails can now be enabled or disabled individually by partners to be replaced with their own notifications.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where Merchants boarded on VCore (Vantiv Core) platform enabling Omnitoken would fail.

  • Issue resolved where the changeManagementEnabled parameter would not keep its “active” status after initial enablement.

  • Issue resolved where expiration date validation through Apple Pay did not work as expected.

  • Issue resolved where Change Requests would remain frozen in the Pending status.



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