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Release Notes - October 13, 2023

Portal (Version 24.26.0)

New Features

  • A mandatory note has been added for all Change Request response messages to inform the requester of the details used for review purposes.


  • The logic for Change Management Requests has been updated to include a toggle to allow users to include or exclude a Division in a change management flow.

  • The “Try Me” toggle enabling the Dynamic Referrer Dashboard has been removed and the Dynamic Dashboard is now the default view for all Referrers.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where the Transaction Risk table search function action buttons would not work as expected.

  • Issue resolved where the filter would not work as expected on the Disputes table listed below the tracker.

  • Issue resolved where Disputes whose status is actually “Closed” would still reflect a “Needs Response” status in the Portal.

  • Issue resolved where the “In Review” status filter on the Dispute page would not load all results as expected.

  • Issue resolved where additional login requests would automatically be sent to the Portal upon successful logout.

  • Issue resolved where tokenized payments (Tokens) would not allow updates to the expiration date.

  • Issue resolved where the “Debit” checkbox would not appear as expected for Facilitators creating withdrawal flows.

  • Issue resolved where Referrers logged in as Merchants would be logged out from the Merchant view when attempting to access the Reports page from their logged-in Merchant Portal.

  • Issue resolved where “Costs” values would appear in the “Active Fees” table instead of Billing or Profit Share tables.

  • Issue resolved where GIACT would return an error on the Underwriting page and display configured values when the MATCH results weren’t verified, instead of a generic error.

  • Issue resolved where the drag & drop interface for the Upload Evidence feature on the Disputes page tracker would not accept file attachments as expected.

  • Issue resolved where the “ACH Return Rate” Smart Card on the Dynamic Dashboard would not display loaded data as expected.

  • Issue resolved where the “Transaction Failure Reasons” Smart Card on the Dynamic Dashboard would not display loaded data as expected.

API (Version 23.21.1)

New Features

  • The /disbursementRefs endpoint response for disbursement rejections on the Vantiv and Vantiv Core platform processors now contains new warning errors to better handle rejections with the next steps.


  • The /entityRefs endpoint has been updated to display as a Referrer-available resource in the API documentation portal.

  • Transaction caching has been streamlined for faster processing and to only cache new transactions after complete processing and only update existing cached transactions separately from new transactions.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where Vantiv Core platform processor transactions being updated with approval details during a settlement batch close batch causing both the settlement batch and transaction details update to fail.



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