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Release Notes - October 20, 2023

Portal (Version 24.27.0)


  • Merchant Statements have now been made available 5 days prior to month-end to allow settlement to occur and finalize for improved reconciliation accuracy.

  • The following fields have been added to the Portfolio Management advanced search and table filtering options: Seasonal, Status Reason, Account Closure Reason Code, Account Closure Reason Date, Apple Pay Enabled, Google Pay Enabled, Express Batch Close Method, Express Batch Close Time, Entities, Global Business Type, Global Business ID, and Pending Risk Check.

  • The Pending Requests page has been updated to hide the “Entity” field from merchant views only and fields that have valid values, hiding fields with no values to display.

  • The title of the “Pending Merchants” Dynamic Dashboard Smart Tile has been updated to “Merchants with Pending Docs”

  • Whitelabeled Dispute Trackers now display neutral gray by default for the best visibility for all Referrers and Merchants.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where the “Add Referrer Signup Form” displayed “Merchant Login Configurations” instead of “Partner Login Configurations” to more accurately summarize the section of the form setup page.

  • Issue resolved where using the Advanced Search feature on the Payments page would not return the intended results.

  • Issue resolved where changes made to secondary payout descriptor fields by Referrer-level users would not save properly.

  • Issue resolved where the OmniToken enablement toggle between “Enable” and “Disable” buttons didn’t properly list ‘enabled’ merchants.



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