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Release Notes - September 08, 2023

Portal (Version 24.21.0)

New Features

  • A new visual Dispute Tracker is available to provide visual indications and callout boxes for each step in a customer chargeback/dispute.

  • The Change Management Request page is now available for Risk and Facilitator-level users to gain quick visibility in the Portal for use.


  • Improvements have been made to the Trulioo Risk Smart Card to increase readability for Canadian risk users.

  • “Global Business Type” has been updated to “Jurisdiction” for the Canadian Merchant & Referrer Portal and signup form.

  • “Global Business ID” has been updated to Business Registration Number (BRN) for the Canadian Merchant & Referrer Portal and signup form.

  • “Global Business Type” displayed TIN Type for the US Merchant & Referrer Portal and signup forms.

  • “Global Business ID” displayed TIN for the US Merchant & Referrer Portal and signup forms.

  • Improvements have been made to the speed and overall logic of the Underwriting flags available to Risk users.

  • Positive and Negative Disbursement notifications have been added to the list of available Email Alerts.

  • The Risk Management page has been updated to include new filtering views for values like Merchant ID for faster visibility to Risk users.

  • The date range maximum for the Statement Details report has been updated to allow the date range to reach more than 30 days in the past.

  • The Risk Management page now allows the “Created” date column to be hidden for more concise visibility.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where Business Identification and Principal Identification Risk Management Smart Cards would mistakenly display for Canadian Merchants without loading the information.

  • Issue resolved where the Bridger Business Smart Card would display an error when searching followed by mismatched values.

  • Issue resolved where Google / Google Maps address verification in the signup form would not populate and validate the address as expected.

  • Issue resolved where using the Dynamic Dashboard would cause the notification bar to disappear from the Portal.

  • Issue resolved where the signup form would not properly validate an address or zip code.

  • Issue resolved where Multi-factor Authentication “Remember Me” checkbox would not populate on page load.

  • Issue resolved where random levels of users would receive an "Invalid request for this type of user authentication" error while submitting the signup Form.

API (Version 23.29.1)

New Features

  • sameDay has been added /payouts timeframe option to issue same-day payouts.

  • New /changeRequest endpoint is available for Risk or Facilitator Level users to have quicker visibility into changes requested by and made to Merchant or Referrer accounts.


  • Ingenico Mobile Gateway (ROAMDATA) has been added to the list of terminalType valid value options for Terminal Transactions.

  • /configurationStages has been updated to include Canadian EFT formats.

  • ipAddress has been added to /auditLog listings for quick identification.

Resolved issues

  • Issue resolved where registering an address for Apple Pay would return the response data in the incorrect format, and was unreadable by the platform.

  • Issue resolved where OmniToken enablement requests from the /valueAddedServices endpoint would return an "invalid status" error.

  • Issue resolved where attempting a POST call to the /valueAddedServices endpoint would automatically fail.



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