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Release Notes - September 15, 2023

Portal (Version 24.22.1)

New Features

  • A new “Refund” button has been added to the Transaction Details page under Fees, allowing any fees assessed to a merchant or cardholder to be refunded from the Referrer.

  • Email and Web alerts now feature resources to send notifications via email or webhook for changes requested to a bank account, approved, declined, or requests for more information.


  • Terminal Transaction Details available in the Portal now include Payment Gateway Info which contains data about the software, customer, and the gateway transaction ID, in addition to the standard Terminal Transaction ID.

  • A new “Pending Change Requests” section has been added to the Bank Accounts page to display accounts that are still awaiting validation and approval from submission to update or add the bank account; in addition to a “cancel request” button next to each listing.

  • The Change Request Management details page now assigns a Login ID to each change request to easily identify the user requesting the change and a filter to show requests that have already been reviewed.

  • The “Respond By” date column for the Disputes page has been moved to the left for quicker visibility.

  • The Disputes page can now be sorted by the chargeback amount or respond by date.

  • The Disputes page has been updated to not display any date in the “Repsond By” field for a listed dispute if no response is required at the time.

  • The Representment stage of the Dispute Details page has been updated to say “Submit Evidence” rather than “Upload Evidence”.

  • The email icon on the Representment stage of the Dispute Details page has been updated to an “Upload Evidence” button.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved where Cookie consent lightbox would not display as expected.



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