This guide lists different options available for reporting in the Portal. We offer a variety of reports and ways to generate them.


The Portal automatically compiles data and statistics related to your sales, disputes, merchants/users, and transaction information from your account.

Creating Reports using the steps below will allow you to download and compile this information in CSV format.

Q1 Enhancements

Faster - Reporting infrastructure improvements generate results in just minutes with a greater data range for the following:

New Reports - Statement Details Report is now available in the Portal.

  • Statement Details Report provides granular details of all statement entries displayed in an existing Balance Detail Report.

About Quick Reports

Create Reports

The Create Reports page offers a dropdown with all reports available to generate from the platform.

See Available Portal Reports for a list of all reports.

See Reporting Values for a list of all descriptions for each report field.

To generate a report

Step 1: Choose your desired report type from the Select Report dropdown.

Step 2: Under “How would you like to generate your report?”, select one of the options below:

  • Quick Reports: Generate reports within a few minutes. Data from today will not be included


  • Include all up to date data - Includes today’s data and may take more time to generate.

Step 3: Select the date range for the report under “Report Date” and select your ‘Filter By’ options.

Step 4: Click the Generate Report button.
You’ll see a prompt below that says “We are working on generating your report!

Note: Depending on the option you chose for Step 2, your report will be available within a few minutes or may take longer.

If you decide to leave the Create Reports page while the report is still generating, you can visit the Report History page to find it listed for download.

Step 5: After your report has finished generating, you’ll see the prompt from Step 4 now say: “Your report is ready to be downloaded” with a CSV file download icon.

Additional Information