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Sandbox Testing Triggers

Payrix Sandbox environment simulation parameters to trigger specific scenarios.

Using the Sandbox version of the Portal allows you to test scenarios normally impossible in testing. We’ve created a set of specific amounts that trigger an automatic decline, error, or other message that would normally only occur from an actual customer transaction.

See the instructions below for a quick start to testing additional sandbox triggers.

Note: Any amount entered outside of the trigger amounts specified below will result in a standard successful response expected from the server for normal testing purposes.

Sandbox Testing Triggers

To test additional transaction events using this trigger system, follow the steps above but replace the transaction amount from the example ($500.01) with one of the transaction amounts from the Testing Triggers expandable table below.


Transaction Amount


Card Transaction




Exceeds Approval Amount Limit


Insufficient Funds


Corporate Customer Advises Not Authorized (for eCheck transactions)


Processing Network Unavailable


Issuer Unavailable


Re-submit Transaction


Call Issuer


Merchant not certified/enabled for IIAS


Issuer Generated Error


Restricted Card


Card Not Active


Illegal Transaction


Duplicate Transaction


System Error


System Error (cannot process)


Lost/Stolen Card


Expired Card


Restricted Card


No such issuer


Transaction not allowed at terminal


Cardholder transaction not permitted


Cardholder requested that recurring or instalment payment be stopped


Do Not Honor


Decline - Request Positive ID


Processing Network Error


Soft Decline - Primary Funding Source Failed


Soft Decline - Auto Recycling In Progress


Internal System Error - Call Vantiv


Generic Decline

Batch Echo


Partially Approved


Offline Approval


Try again later


The total amount of the original Authorization has been used.


Pickup card - Other than Lost/Stolen


Invalid Amount


Reversal Unsuccessful


Missing Data


Invalid Account Number


Pick Up Card


Restricted Card - Chargeback


No such issuer


Invalid Report Group


There were no transactions found with the specified Transaction Id.


The authorization for this transaction is no longer available. Either the authorization has already been consumed by another capture, the authorization has expired, or the cardholder revoked the authorization.


This transaction cannot be voided; it has already been delivered.


This transaction (both capture and refund) has been voided.


The redeposit attempted against an invalid transaction type.


Internal System Error - Call Vantiv


Do not send additional redeposit transactions, since the original transaction was processed.


The account was closed


Disbursement Amount



Insufficient funds in account


Account is closed


No account on file


Invalid account number


Unauthorized debit to consumer account


Returned at request of ODFI


Exceeds Approved Disbursement Amount Limit

Using Sandbox Testing Triggers

Use the steps below to set up a transaction with the desired trigger amount.

For Card Transaction Triggers

  • Step 1: Go to the Create Payment page.

  • Step 2: Create a charge for a specific trigger amount. (See the table above).

  • Step 3: Run the transaction with a test card number 4242 4242 4242 4242 (with any combination of “CVV” and future “Expiration” values).

  • Step 4: Locate the transaction in the Payments History page list. Then click on the transaction to be taken to Transaction Details.

  • Step 5: Click the Alerts tab from the Transaction Details menu in the lower half of the page. See the result below.

Example - "Exceeds Approval Amount Limit"


For this example, we’ll use $500.01. This transaction amount automatically triggers a Decline and provides a message with the reason being Exceeds Approval Amount Limit.

  • Transaction Amount: $500.01 (Sale or Auth)

  • Response Type: Platform

  • Code: Declined

  • Message: Exceeds Approval Amount Limit

Transaction Details Page, Alerts tab.

For Disbursement Triggers

  • Step 1: Go to the Payouts page

  • Step 2: Click the View Schedules button to access the Payout Schedules page.

  • Step 3: Click the Schedule Payout button in the upper right corner.

  • Step 4: Set the following parameters and click the Schedule Payout button in the modal:

    • How often would you like to withdraw: One-Time

    • Amount: A specific Disbursement trigger amount (see the table above).

    • Amount Type: Actual

  • Step 5: Allow the Payout to process in real-time (each day at 6:30 PM EST).

  • Step 6: Return to the Payout page, and click the Payout Details button next to the payout you attempted under the Payout History section.

  • Step 7: The Alerts section will display the message for your specified trigger, and display the amount under the Not Paid Out table. See the results below.

Example - "Unauthorized debit to consumer account"

For this example, we’ll use $501.29. This payout amount automatically triggers a General code and provides a message with the reason being Unauthorized debit to consumer account.

  • Transaction Amount: $501.29 (Sale or Auth)

  • Response Type: Platform (Vantiv)

  • Code: General

  • Message: Unauthorized debit to consumer account


Sandbox Testing Trigger API Response Structure

Whether sending these testing trigger transactions using our Portal or API, you’ll receive a response returned from our servers that looks like the JSON file below. This is simply the API version of the messages you’ll see in the Alerts tab of the Portal as mentioned above.

Standard Testing Trigger API Response

Below is an example JSON file of what a typical transaction response looks like with a testing trigger:

"response": {
  "data": [],
  "details": [
    "requestId": 1,
    "totals": [],
    "page": [
      "current": 0,
      "last": 0,
      "hasMore": false
  "errors": [
    "code": 201
    "severity": 4
    "msg": Exceeds Approval Amount Limit
    "errorCode": Decline







Data array containing the intended data elements requested for the transaction.

This will be different per request parameters and payload.

This array will return empty when there is an error. When a transaction is successfully sent, the data array will contain additional info.



Detail data object containing specific error code information.



The identifier for the request sent.



The total amount used in the transaction.



Page data object containing page number and availability of more records on other pages.



The current page of records returned.



The last page containing records to be returned.



Whether there are more records that can be fetched.

It is designed to help with smart pagination (continuous scrolling feature) Valid values: True & False



Error array containing a list of brief information about the error.



Returns the error code within the Payrix system.



Returns the gravity of the error.

Valid Values:

  • 1 - Info notice, but processing may continue

  • 2 - Error warning. Processing should stop.

  • 3 - Failure Error. Failure notice. Processing should stop.

  • 4 - Tracking Error. Temporary Tracking notice. Processing should stop.



A quick description or message about the error.



Indicating the error code and severity, explained in the msg field.

More Information

You can read more about different API-based testing triggers by visiting our API Reference documentation.

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