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Settings (F)

The Settings page contains information about your account, including payments, business details, and user information. On this page, you can access saved information related to your account, and configure platform settings such as branding and white labeling.

Navigate to the Settings page by clicking Settings in the left hand Navigation Panel.

Partial view of the Settings page, including the Payment Settings section.

Settings Features

Click here to view the features of the Settings page.

The Settings page is divided into Payment Settings, Business Settings, and User Settings, and each section has sub-pages for specific types of settings.

Payment Settings

The Payment Settings section allows you to control fees, payment types, and other aspects of your account related to payments from merchants, including the following subsections:

Payment Settings Item Name

Sub-page Name


  • Fees

  • Amount Display Formats


  • Credentials

  • Public Plaid Key

  • Single Sign-On

Profit Share

  • Profit Shares

Work Flows

  • Work Flows

Entity Routes

  • Entity Routes

Business Settings

The Business Settings section allows you to control the account information that merchants have access to, marketing and branding information, and other business-related parameters, including the following subsections:

Business Settings Item Name

Sub-page Name

Business Details

  • Business Information

  • Ownership Information

  • Account Information

  • Payment Methods

  • VAR Sheets

  • Partner Marketing Materials

  • Multi-Factor Authentication Enablement

API Keys

  • API Keys


  • Whitelabel Branding

  • Color Themes

  • Login Screen Templates

  • Signup Forms

  • Hosts


  • Terms and Conditions

  • Terms and Conditions Types

  • Privacy Policy

  • Bank Disclosures


  • Invoice Upload Configurations


  • Packages


  • Parameters

  • Setup Details

User Settings

The User Settings section allows you to control or change information related to your user account, including your business information, personal information, and banking information. The section includes the following subsections:

User Settings Item Name

User Account Information

  • User Account Information

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