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Tokenization and Recurring Billing

Basic information about tokenization and recurring billing.

For additional flexibility with real-time, recurring, and card-on-file transactions, Payrix enables your clients to create secure tokens with a customer’s card payment and/or eCheck data which enables them to schedule future card-on-file charges and create recurring plans.

Tokens protect the payer’s sensitive data, simplify PCI compliance for you, and do not expire. 

The Payrix platform offers a Recurring Payments (/subscriptions) solution that enables you to schedule recurring transactions directly via our Portal.

As an alternative, you can create your own recurring transaction database. In this case, there are a few required fields you will need to submit in order to be in accordance with card brand mandates - see recurring payment guidelines here.

Because the customer's information (e.g. address) remains linked to each token, issuer declines due to AVS mismatch or similar are a lot less likely. If your client would like to be able to keep multiple payment methods on file, they can save multiple tokens per customer.

Note: Saving AVS information on a Customer is not required to create a token. This is highly recommended to be saved to this record to increase successful recurring and card-on-file transactions with the token.

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