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triPOS is a semi-integrated card payment processing solution offered by WorldPay, providing Merchants with secure and flexible transaction handling solutions through their Referrer while reducing the Merchant’s PCI scope. By integrating with various point-of-sale systems and mobile devices, Payrix partners can allow merchants to accept card payments. The triPOS ecosystem was designed for developers to simplify their card present integration, reduce PCI scope, and provide access to multiple EMV devices without the need for a complex EMV card brand certification.

Tip: More information can be found by visiting and creating an account for the FIS Developer Engine which contains more detailed information and API references for each of the Express Gateway and triPOS services mentioned below.

Express Gateway

The triPOS Express Gateway is the interface between a POS system or mobile device and the following payment processors: WorldPay, TSYS, Chase Payment Tech, Fiserv, & Global Payments.

Warning: Payrix partners can only use the Express Gateway to process payments through the WorldPay (CORE or RAFT) platform only.

The Express Gateway integrates the payment acceptance capabilities of the payment processor, including credit cards, within its existing POS system. The Express Gateway supports the tokenization and encryption of sensitive cardholder data, managing communication between the Merchant’s POS system and the WorldPay processing platform to ensure the highest levels of security during payment captures, authorizations, response handling, and settlements.

In addition to being highly secure, the Express Gateway has been designed to offer the most flexibility possible, making integration easier than ever within various POS systems and terminals.

Note: The Express Gateway has its own set of endpoints that can be called directly for actions that don’t require the customer to be present and interacting with the terminal. The most common use cases of direct Express Gateway calls would be Returns, Reversals or Voids of existing transactions.

triPOS Payment Gateway Structure

The triPOS Payment Gateway Structure provides a framework to facilitate electronic payment transactions using a layered integration between the triPOS Express Gateway, the specific triPOS service (see below), and the WorldPay payment processor. Each integration type shown below will be determined as applicable to your business model or not during your Scope of Work process (see triPOS - Getting Started).

triPOS Direct

triPOS Direct facilitates integrated payments in various point-of-sale systems.

This downloadable package is directly installed on Windows or Linux machines acting as the interface between the Express Gateway and the physically connected POS system.

triPOS Cloud

triPOS Cloud enables the same payment processing capabilities with a cloud-based API solution.

This is essentially the same as direct except that the service is hosted in Azure and communicates using the REST API provided for Lane (device management) or Transaction (payment acceptance).

triPOS Mobile

triPOS Mobile enables processing capabilities for mobile payment applications.

These downloadable SDKs are designed to easily integrate into a Merchant’s iOS or Android product before publication to their respective application stores.

Additional Resources

Read the articles below for more information about the integration including the first steps and supported terminals to better prepare you to initiate the integration process:

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