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triPOS - Express Batch Close Time Options

Merchants' daily transaction batches (or “settlement batches”) can be configured to no longer accept additional authorizations, captures or sales to be included after a specified time based on the preferences and workflows of each Merchant. This is often referred to as configuring a “batch close time”.

Batch close times determine when the daily transaction batch will be sent to the processor for settlement, allowing the captured funds to be fully processed and credited to the Merchant’s platform account balance.

Using the triPOS Express Gateway integration with Payrix, card-present transactions processed by integrated Merchants using the triPOS Express Gateway can also be modified to have a custom daily batch close time for inclusion in that day’s batch settlement. This batch type is called an “Express Batch”.

Modifying your Merchant’s Express Batch Close

The process below outlines the process for Facilitators or Referrers changing a Merchant’s Express Batch Close time daily, without the need to log in to the Express Gateway directly:

  • Step 1: Click Merchants on the left-hand navigation under the Management category.

  • Step 2: Open your desired Merchant’s Profile page by clicking on their table listing.

  • Step 3: Click the Account tab. Then, click the Edit button next to the tab title.

  • Step 4: Scroll down to Express Batch Close Method and select Time Initiated from the drop-down.

  • Step 5: Under Express Batch Close Time, set your preferred daily settlement batch close time.

  • Step 6: When finished, scroll back to the Account tab and click the Confirm icon next to the tab title.

Note: This time value is based on the CST (Central Standard Time) time zone.

Tip: To provide the best Merchant experience for daily reconciliation alongside other daily transaction types from other card-not-present payments, set 9:00 PM as the Express Batch Close Time.

Result: Your Merchant’s daily transaction settlement batch close time has been updated to reflect this new time.

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