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triPOS - Getting Started

To utilize one of the card-present triPOS integration options, you’ll need to contact your Partner Success Manager (PSM) to express your interest in the integration and to schedule a Scope of Work (SoW) meeting in the form of a kickoff call with the Payrix Solutioning team.

Note: The triPOS Integration process does not utilize the Payrix platform implementations process and instead must be certified with the triPOS Developer Integrations team.


During the SoW meeting, the Solutioning team will properly outline your specific use cases and needs in a SoW document to determine which of the integration options best suit your business model.

After the meeting has concluded, the SoW document will be finalized requiring the the business owner’s signature, to be sent to the triPOS Developer Integrations (tDI) team by your PSM for the next steps.

Once the SoW is signed, the PSM will create a new project for your proposed integration for assignment in the tDI queue.

Note: Due to high demand for this integration, the tDI team will assign a tDI Analyst as soon as possible in the order the project was requested. As a result, your project may not be immediately assigned to a tDI Analyst upon submission.

Once a tDI Analyst is assigned, they will schedule a kickoff meeting with you to review the scope of your integration and discuss the certification testing process. 

Device Procurement

Once you’ve initiated your scope of work and decided on the supported payment terminal(s) you'd like to use, you’ll need to work with a Key Injection Facility (KIF) to acquire the supported devices directly. This list of KIFs is available in the triPOS - Supported Terminals article.


From here, the tDI team will work with you to support your integration, provide test scenarios, and review your new setup to confirm everything is operating as expected to successfully test and launch the integration.

When this has concluded, a Certification Letter is provided to you by the tDI Analyst documenting the certified solution. This certification designates that the integration is ready for the Production environment.

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